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Small Group courses are offered Sunday evenings on a 12 week rotation.

The current courses offered are:


The 5 Love Languages


God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions


Past courses have included:

The Truth Project

The Truth Project is a DVD-based curriculum on Christian worldview.  Each of the 12 lessons describes in detail God's design for all of life.  Learn what the Bibles says about such subjects as Science, Ethics, Community, Labor, History, Arts & Media, Family and other interesting subjects.

A Heart Ablaze

A Heart Ablaze challenges you to exchange a mediocre relationship with God for a vibrant, fiery one.  A Heart Ablaze offers riveting insights and teachings to help you ignite and maintain a passion for God.

Good $ense Budget Course

Good $ense enables you to control your finances so that your finances don't end up controlling you.  You will receive practical help and guidance to prioritize financial goals, develop a personalized spending plan, identify action steps to reduce expenses, reduce debt and much more.

Discover how to become a diligent earner, generous giver, wise saver, cautious debtor, and prudent consumer.

FIREPROOF your Marriage

Based on the movie FIREPROOF.  This curriculum will enable you to build a strong, God-centered relationship with your spouse.

The course will include discussion starting movie segments, and will integrate Scriptures and video clips with questions and devotions for individuals and couples.